Who should (or should not) take Spirulina?

Who should (or should not) take Spirulina?

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We strongly recommend consuming spirulina to everyone. In fact, we recommend that you check your multi-vitamin source (often synthetic vitamins and minerals which does almost nothing for the human body), and if you’re not consuming extremely expensive, organically extracted vitamins, make the switch to spirulina. We have stopped consuming multi-vitamins ever since we have started on a spirulina boosted diet, and have noticed much better body activities.

If you’re trying to supplement your diet with bio-available iron and calcium (especially women), this is a superb replacement for all your iron/calcium/multi-mineral pills. We know of friends who have developed kidney stones from drinking too much “calcium-fortified milk” as their bodies could not process all the synthetic calcium.

We do know of a case where you should be careful in consuming spirulina – if you are consuming a cocktail mix of drugs for your heart, blood pressure, and/or cholesterol, please take note to consume spirulina in moderation (~5g per day). We had a friend who encountered elevated levels of creatinine in his blood, and although not critical, when he moderated his intake, it went back to normal. Hence, if you have to be heavily medicated on a daily basis, whilst you may still consume spirulina (it is after all, a food like rice, wheat, or blueberries), you should be watchful of everything you consume.

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