Spirulina benefits, answering the Who-What-Where-When-Why, and How?

During our deliveries, we’ve met people who have asked questions that our friends also asked at the start – not general FAQs, but quite specific questions like “Can I give it to my child?”, “How many tablets should I be taking a day”, and some personal questions like “Why do you consume Spirulina” etc.

Let me try and answer them in this post:

Who should consume Spirulina?

Quite literally, everyone should consider making Spirulina a daily food. I consider Spirulina a food, not asupplement – much like rice, noodles, potatoes, bread, etc. Food you consume every day. Unless specifically told otherwise by your doctor (and those cases are very rare), it is as safe as eating rice. In the ideal world, we would be consuming bowls of Spirulina every day, and there are actually people who only consume Spirulina and nothing else. However, the current cost of growing, storing, and shipping Spirulina surpasses that for rice and wheat for example, and hence we eat it as an addition to our diets.

What exactly is Spirulina?

Our blog is filled with research on Spirulina from many sources, and a lot of information from many sources is widely available for anyone who does online research. If you Google “Spirulina”, there are 16.1 million articles available for you. For brevity, Spirulina is a micro-algae, a class of cyanobacteria (bacteria that gets their energy from photosynthesis, hence the extremely high levels of chlorophyll). This natural food has been consumed for over thousands of years (some believe that it is one of the first life-forms on our planet, dating some 3.5 billion years ago), and hence, cannot be patented as a unique creation by any corporation. Likewise, this means that there are little profits to be gained from promoting or selling Spirulina (for the profit-driven company). Today, there are many research papers that confirm that Spirulina is the most nutritionally dense natural food known to mankind.

Where is it produced, and where can you get it?

There are many Spirulina farms around the world – they are found in India, Hawaii, Thailand, China, Taiwan, Japan, Australia, to name a few, but what is more important is the quality of the Spirulina – many farms allow pollutants to get into the production process, and only farms with the proper certifications have taken proper measures to produce the highest quality Spirulina. So, regardless of the Spirulina source you purchase (which may not be from us, of course), make sure you take the time to check the origin, as well as the certifications like USDA certified 100% organic for example. Please also do take note that there are often quite fishy sounding certifications like “Certified by XYZ testing laboratory”, etc. so it also pays to know more about these certifications (available by searching online).

When do you consume Spirulina?

Everyone has a different consumption habit – some people like to eat Spirulina in the morning with breakfast for a good boost throughout the day; some like to eat it right before they sleep as they feel that the protein makes for deeper sleep. I personally like to consume it several times a day: once in the morning before breakfast, so that I feel full throughout the morning and early afternoon, and then once more 30 minutes before dinner, so I naturally feel less hungry and consume less during dinner. If I happened to perform sports or did some muscular training, then I would consume once more before sleep, as I believe that muscles repair and require protein during sleep.

Why did we start this business, and why should we consume Spirulina?

There are essentially 2 questions here, but because they are related, I will try and answer both from my personal perspective.

This idea for this business started when my wife saw her mother battle cancer; she ultimately succumbed to it, but during her search for something that would help her fight – be it natural foods, Chinese herbs, western medicine, etc. we were exposed to a myriad of touted solutions from many “reliable” or “well-researched” sources. We never took anything at face value, and hence started our own research into health foods and healthy lifestyle changes. We realised that a lot of people do not start investing in their health until very much later in life, and usually only when something shocks them into action. We are no different. But the key difference is that we are doing a lifestyle change NOW.

Knowing that my wife is at a possible higher risk for cancer (because it happened once in her family, it might be genetically predisposed), I started more research into anti-oxidants and all the cancer prevention food/health supplements, and then I chanced across Spirulina. I put myself as a guinea pig and tried it, and almost immediately felt the difference – I had more endurance during sports, my skin became better, I had more energy during the day, I slept better, my bowel movements were much more regular/smooth, etc. And then I said to my wife, “we need to consume this long-term”.

I started sharing this amazing food with many of my friends, and realized that if you did take the time to ask around, many people want to start living healthily and have seen or experienced something that gave them the impetus to improve their lifestyle – they just did not know where to start. My recommendation: start with Spirulina. Do it today; do it NOW.

How should we start making a lifestyle change with Spirulina?

Let’s go back to basics: Spirulina is a


. It is so nutritious that it can, and probably should, replace all the multi-vitamins & mineral supplements you are currently taking. I threw mine all away.

Start with a sensible diet – do not over-eat, eat more fresh, green, leafy vegetables (the more raw the better), reduce carbohydrates, especially refined carbohydrates (like white rice, white bread, noodles, etc.), and please get your @$$ moving. Exercise is ESSENTIAL to any healthy lifestyle. There is no compromise. And here is where Spirulina (being more than 60% protein) really shines – your muscular endurance is enhanced, as well as your body regeneration and recovery. Not only can you exercise longer, you can exercise faster, and with greater frequency.

I will be posting more on how I made the lifestyle change in another post :-)

Disclaimer: Spirulina is NOT a miracle food or drug that will cause you to lose weight overnight. It is part of a long-term healthy lifestyle plan. If you eat lots of junk food and are a compulsive couch potato, chances are, you will never lose weight and/or become healthy, even if you eat Spirulina.

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