Rice Milk Recipe For Babies 【嬰兒活力米奶食譜】



【Rice Milk Recipe For Babies】


1) 180g organic brown rice Certified organic brown rice

2) 20g Certified organic millet

3) 1800 cc Filtered water

Do Re Mi Steps: 

1) Wash individually of the organic brown rice and millet, and then soak for 8 hours.

2) Do not reuse the soak water for cooking for baby. Add in filtered water 1800 cc and cook together with brown rice and millet.

3) After cooking, carefully sift back and forth 4-5 times to determine the absence of fiber. After cooling milk, then pour into Breast milk zip bag. Remember to mark down the date of making.

Note: Store the rice milk into freezer, reheat about 42-40 degrees. If the baby uses to cow milk, goat milk before, adjust slowly the ratio from 10, 20ml and gradually increase for adaption. Otherwise the baby is definitely not going to drink at all. Storage period in freezer is about one month (30days).




1)180g 有機糙米

2)20g 有機小米

3)1800cc 過濾水




3)煮好後,細心來回過篩4-5次,確定沒有纖維後,等米奶降溫後,再倒入母奶的zip 袋就大功告成啦!記得寫下幾時製造的喔!


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