If Health Is Precious, Why You Don’t Deserve A Good Holistic Health Consultant?

I have been super duper busy lately. Meeting clients, meetings, got my PR renewal again. And WOW!  It’s been 8 years! Each year goes by quicker than the prior! 

Makes me reminisce about the good old days but look with optimism in the future. 8 years… I have never ever think of I will have my own career as a Holistic Health Consultant either here in Singapore or Malaysia. Things always start up with a simple mind. 

What do you think when hearing someone tells you that they have their own financial planner, account, personal trainer/coach, driver, etc… Contrary to what you may have thought, they might be showing off, but to me, something crucial is missing! I see a BIG gate!

My question is simple, since your life is so precious, do you have your own holistic health consultant?

Nevertheless, the vision and mission still as clear as a crystal. 

 My vision – Everyone/ Every family deserve a good holistic health consultant.

 My mission – Human beings are the seed for future. Start to cultivate since young!

I was shocked when my clients’s children wanted to date me, some of them only in primary school and high school. Simply because I just shared simple and great healthy tips and stories impromptu. I was thrilled and touched indeed, because they tried and achieve great result in health in such a young age. Furthermore, I have touched the next generation without knowing it!

Some people said, my hard work paid off! I say, it’s all just started.

Believe, tell stories and be creative. Your life does not get better by chance? It gets better by change.

Our own life is a message to the world, make sure it’s inspiring!

Dr. Axellel Shee
Ph.D in Holistic Natural Medicine (H.N.M, B.H.H.N, CFSP)




让我回忆起美好的旧日,但樂觀的看著期待未來。 8年…从来没想过自己會作為一位整體健康顧問並在新加坡和馬來西亞擁有自己的事業生涯。而也逐渐步入公司机构的整体健康顾问。所有的事,总是以一个简单的心灵开始。




 我的愿景 – 每个人/每个家庭都应该是一个良好的整体健康顾问。

 我的使命 – 人类是未来的种子。从年轻开始培养!





Dr. Axellel Shee 徐博士
Ph.D in Holistic Natural Medicine (H.N.M, B.H.H.N, CFSP)

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