The company, and the ethos behind Alpha Health

Alpha Health was started by a husband and wife team who believed in sharing their life & health experiences with friends and you.

We believe that good health and longevity begins with the fundamentals. It starts with what you eat, what you do (exercise), and it persists into a life-long habit of selecting the best foods, health products, healthy activities, etc.

We believe that cancer is a man-made disease that can and should be stopped by changing our diets (eliminate fast-foods, chemically processed foods, pesticide covered foods, GMO foods…) and building a healthy lifestyle. This belief is strongly supported by many like-minded friends, and we’d like to share some of these good practices with you. We hope everyone can live to a good old age comfortably.

In short, we believe everyone and every family deserve a good Nutrition and a Holistic Diet.

“Health and intellect are the two blessings of life”

Menander (ca. 342–291 BC) – Greek dramatist

About Our Brand Doctor

Dr. Axellel Shee


  • Ph.D in Holistic Natural Medicine (H.N.M)
  • Bachelor of Holistic Health Nutritionist (B.H.H.N), Indian Board of Alternative Medicine
    (will only be receiving in 2018)
  • Ou’Yang Ying Certified Naturopathic Natural Diet Consultant
  • DaVinci Diploma in Energy Medicine & Bioresonance (Cyprus)
  • ITEC Diploma in Diet & Nutrition (UK)
  • Certified Food & Spirit Practitioner (CFSPP)
  • Thompson Rivers University – Nutrition, Canada (CA)
  • National University of Malaysia – Natural Medicine in Competency Course (UKM)(MY)
  • Iridology (MY)
  • New Directions Advanced Cosmetic Chemistry, Australia (AU)
  • Practioner, Federation of Complementary & Natural Medical Associations (MY)
  • Eve Taylor Aromatherapy (UK)
  • Advanced Acupressure (SG)


  • Member of National Committee Holistic Natural Medicine Council, MY (HNMC)
  • Member of  CFSPP
  • Member of World Federation of Chinese Naturopathy
  • Member of Malaysia Integrated Holistic Medical Association (MIHMA)

Axellel Shee is a Nutrition Consultant, as well as an Iridologist, Natural Medicine Competency Practitioner, Certified Ou’Yang Ying Naturopathy Diet Practioner / Therapist, Eve Taylor Aroma Therapist, and Advanced Acupressure Therapist. To add to her credentials, she is also an Academic Lecturer, Holistic Nutrition Public Speaker at Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) based in Malaysia.

She has worked with people from all walks of life, ranging from health-care professionals, researchers, and community members. In collaboration TCM centre, corporate companies and fitness/wellness centers in Malaysia, she advocates for sustainable weight management, fitness, wellness, and healthier living through social education and solving individual food conflicts. She offers detox camps, seminars, and healthy-living cooking classes. She does see client one-on-one basics and provide comprehensive plan. All sort of method will change from time to time due to client’s situation.

Dr. Axellel is also a Senior Lecturer & Holistic Consultant at SHEE TC Medical Aesthetic Center, Organic Health Centre and Food for Life Organic Centre.


Dr. Axellel Shee