5 Interesting Facts You Must Know About Quinoa

I am Quinoa, nicknamed xiao xiao mi. Eventhough I don’t know who nicknamed me, but i love it!

I frequently am enquired, “Hey there, which zodiac sign are you? My sign is a pig” “My sign is a rabbit. How’s bout your sister’s?” ” In serially do not understand, we’re obviously humans, why should we class or categorise ourselves as a pig, rooster, bull… We are humans as a matter of fact, who loves to complicate simple things, i really do not have the time if the day to think likewise.

Anyway, i know my star sign is a “grain”. I grow nearby hilly areas or water streams. To be honest, I’m awesome!

As they say in the Chinese proverb “Though small as a sparrow, but my organs are complete”, or in the English proverb “Good things comes in small packages”. I’m a superfood if i do say so myself. *snickering with glee*

You question me why? Well, as you can see.

I have :

1) Complete set of proteins (in the same league as meats), you are right… i contain 18 types of amino acids, including the 8 types that we humans need daily, just based on solely complete proteins, I’m already in the same level as of meats.

2) I’m very robust. This means i have a strong will to live, no matter in situations where i lack water or nutrients from the soil.

All because I’m great!!

Quinoa, or nicknamed xiao xiao mi (Tiny Rice), are not common amongst the Asians, but it’s advantages are gradually getting more and more attention. The first impression of tiny rice is “weird looking rice” hahaha… because it is physically tiny little yellow and round grains, unlike normal white rice, but this is it’s biggest speciality! Just had tiny fried rice a few days ago…i absolutely love love loved it!!! Next you can consider making porridge out of it, for the little ones.

Tiny grain’s big story

5000 years ago, the natives in Andes Mountains planted these  quinoa crops (pronounced keen-wah) as their staple food. In these harsh conditions, tiny rice grew strong regardless.

Tiny rice – 5 interesting facts you don’t know?

1) Tiny grain is bursting with proteins?? Even from the past, grains are our main source of carbohydrates and also source of sugar; those that are watching their weight, cancer patients or diabetics will try to avoid it. But, quinoa, also known as “fake grain” because it’s protein level exceeds 15%, as well as a rich supply of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Just on the aspect of low cal, it has led a frenzy in the western countries. Quinoa’s proteins contains 9 different variety of amino acids, which are the building blocks of the body’s tissues.

2) Quinoa has double the fiber of normal grains??

Fiber not only helps peristalsis  (contractions of the intestines), and also control sugar level peaks. Fiber also gives us a filling satisfaction from our daily intake, reducing the need to binge, thereby helps in weight control. Quinoa, or tiny grain’s has double the fiber compared to the usual grains!!!

3) Quinoa contains iron??

Iron promotes the normal production of red blood cells and its flow; children, pregnant women and senior citizens may be in the category of people with iron deficiency. Coffee, milk and grains are amongst the food that prevents iron absorption. The category with iron deficiency tends to feel sluggish and obtuse in the brain region, because 20% of the oxygen needed by the brain comes from the blood stream!!

4) Quinoa contains lysine; when the children refuses to eat rice, lysine supplements are recommended because lysine promotes the body’s development and immune system. In addition, the riboflavin in quinoa is the energy supply of our brain and muscles.

5) Quinoa contains magnesium which reliefs crus muscle spasms. Magnesium not only relaxes the blood vessels, assist in blood pressure control and also relieve migraines. Senior citizens often suffers from crus miracle spasms because they lack magnesium. Gastric medications for example omeprazol that reduces gastric acid production will also reduce the body’s magnesium absorption.

How to prepare relaxing tiny gain rice?

1) First you need to thoroughly clean and rinse it. Q quinoa has a natural layer of saponin protection, which has a dry, chalky taste. But you only need water, like you rinse normal rice to filter it off with no problem at all! Some packaged quinoa has already been rid of its saponin layer. It won’t be a problem even if you’ve accidentally eaten it as it only gives a dry, chalky sensation on the tongue after ingestion.

2) 1 cup quinoa to 2cups of water, cooking duration is roughly 20 minutes which is of no difference with normal rice.  You can also use an electrical rice cooker.

Here you’ll have a link to a step-by-step instruction in how to prepare quinoa.

Here you’ll have a website link introducing fried prawn/shrimp quinoa recipe! Absolutely Delischhhhh…!!!

More here, simple chinese-style recipes with quinoa!

Quinoa’s is pricier than the usual grains, but is rich in value. At the time of my first purchase, i thought, that small a pack, it’ll be gone with 2 meals for a family… haha… burns a hole in the pocket!!! But as a matter if fact, you can try to different ways of incorporating it with different ways of preparation, fire example using quinoa when you prepare congee and when you cook rice, you can add a mixture of half the amount! Makes a big difference!


嗨, 我是藜麦。







1)完整蛋白质 (和肉类平起平坐)


第二, 我耐旱得很呢。这就表示我的生命力很强,即使在缺水,缺营养的土壤之中

不为什么。 就是我

藜麦,又称小小米,对亚洲人并不熟悉,但是它的好处已经开始得到越来越多的关注。第一次看到小小米的感觉就是 “不像样的饭” 哈哈哈,因为外表黄黄圆圆小小粒,不像米饭白白的,可这就是它的大特点!那天吃了用小小米炒出来的饭,简直爱死了!接下来,可以考虑把它煮成粥,让小宝吃。

早在5000年以前,安地斯山脉 (Andes Mountains)的当地人就开始种植小小米 Quinoa (读成 keen-wah) 为主食。在这么恶劣的地理环境,小小米茁壮生长。

小小米 – 5样你不知道的事?

1. 小小米反而含有丰富的蛋白质??
自古以来,米饭都是碳水化合物的来源,也是糖分的泉源,注重体重,癌症,或糖尿病患者都会避而远之。但是,藜麦,被称为“假米” 因为它的蛋白质高达15%,而且含有丰富的抗氧剂,维他命和矿物质。低卡的前提下,让西欧国家为之疯狂。藜麦的蛋白质含有多达9种不同的氨基酸 (amino acid), 是身体组织里的基本砖块。

2. 小小米的纤维是普通谷类纤维的2倍??

3. 小小米含有铁质??

4. 小小米含有 lysine (赖氨酸)
很多小朋友不吃饭时,都会被介绍吃含有 lysine 赖氨酸的保健品,因为赖氨酸可以帮助人体发育及免疫系统。小小米里的 riboflavin (维他命b2) 更是脑部及肌肉细胞的能量来源。

5. 小小米很 “镁”,让小腿抽经舒缓
此镁非美,magnesium 镁不但能放松血管协助血压控制,还能舒缓偏头痛。老人家很多时候就是因为缺镁而小腿经常抽经。胃药比如说 omeprazole 这一类抵制胃酸产生的药物也会减低人体对镁的吸收。

1. 首先一定要好好地清洗。藜麦本身有一层天然的保护层叫 saponin 皂苷,吃起来就会有涩涩的感觉,但是只要用水,像洗米那样过滤就不会有问题啦。有些包装的藜麦已经把这层皂苷取出。如果不小心吃下也没关系,只不过舌头会有涩涩的吃后感。

2. 1杯小小米,就用2杯水,烹煮时间大约20分钟,和普通米饭没有两样。用电饭煲都ok

这边有教,step by step 怎么煮小小米 =)






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