What is Holistic Health Care?

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Many people do not underhand what’s is HOLISTIC healthcare. So let me take you through.

Holistic healthcare means

• A revolution in our understanding of healthcare practice

• Creating health and well-being – not merely countering disease processes

• Thinking in terms of whole systems, not just component parts

• Empowering individuals, healthcare organisations and communities to take responsibility for creating health

• Health care workers who can understand and provide for their own needs and wellbeing • Emphasizing relationship and context more than separateness

• Working with the grain of nature, not against it

These core values underpin holistic practice

• Compassion – being considerate and caring towards others

• Respect – for ourselves, our patients or clients, our community, our culture and our place in nature

• Open-mindedness – healthcare needs many good ways of being and doing
• Competence – committed to ongoing professional and personal development

• Self-care – looking after ourselves so we are healthy individuals and effective practitioners

• Engagement – doing what we can to change the systems we live and work in for the better

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